Online monitoring


Enlighten software

The Enlighten software is an internet-based service that monitors and analyzes. Unlike conventional monitoring systems, which only follow the inverter, Enlighten keeps continuous supervision of the situation and performance of all modules and micro-inverters in the installation.



  • Multiple view types and smartphone/iPhone application
  • Automatically identifies and analyzes the installation
  • Do remote updates



You will automatically receive reports and alerts:

  • The customer can get in a simple way a very clear overview of his revenues
  • In detail: graphics that show the totals per day/week/month/year
  • The revenues can also be viewed on a smartphone with internet access

Portal for the installers
The installer has access to a more extensive version of the Enlighten software. The portal offers quite some informational widgets that can be personalized. You can add, delete and adjust information to your wishes and preferences.

Enlighten shows the performance of all your installations or a selection. There can be groups created based on location or other desired criteria.

The Enlighten software follows the revenue of your installation. This way you can easily see when, for example, the modules should be cleaned. Your installer can see the revenue of your installation per module. When there is a problem, the widget will automatically inform you. This widget tells you exactly what happens with the installation.